Wish TdF Had a Prologue This Year, Says Bloke on TT Bike on Group Ride

A local cycling group is reeling after a bloke who turned up on a time trial bike made the bombshell statement that, as excited as he is about the Tour de France starting tonight, he would prefer an opening prologue to a road stage.


“Look, call me a purist, but after all this build-up I just reckon a bunch sprint is a bit of a non-event,” the man is reported to have said.

“Wouldn’t it be better to watch 140-odd riders you don’t really care about and who aren’t interested in the stage win go through the motions before the big guns roll out for an eight-minute effort?”

The man, who the Gruppetto Gazette has chosen not to name, went on to say that the Tour de France isn’t even his favourite race anyway.

“It’s just a big media circus, you know? The Giro is a much better race – it’s so much harder to control.

“That said, my absolute favourite would have to be Le Samyn. You probably haven’t heard of it though.”

Before being dropped on a 4 per cent climb, he was also heard shouting to the riders whose wheels he was sucking that he has been thinking about getting into gravel racing too.

Investigations are on-going, with organisers vowing to find out who the hell invited that bloke in the first place.

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